How To Buy A Shelter On A Budget

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While every shelter project is different, each of the shelter/pavilion clients can expect certain costs while planning for their new shaded gathering space. Whether building for a park, school, or community center, having detailed financial resources to help you get started will be a great benefit. As experts in the field, we at Pacific Rim Shelters want to help you buy a shelter within your budget.

1. Buy what you need now

When on a budget, remember to buy what you need at the time. Consider starting off by buying the basic shelter package, the roof, and the framework. Buy upgrades later, like side panels, walls, an extension, or a Lean-To.

2. Buy the correct size

Buying the correct size of shelter will save you money. It is easy to get caught up with the ‘possible future needs’ but know that you can add on to the shelter later. Measure your items to be stored carefully. Measure the height, width, and length of the item(s) you want to store. You will know then what size of the shelter you will need. Make sure the shelter is large enough to house your items. Weather rarely comes straight down. If you can, allow a foot or two of extra space on the widths and lengths to provide more protection.

Also, measure the area where you want to build it. Make sure that the base area is 6-12 wider and longer than the shelter. Remember, that the width is measured from the outside of the bottom frame rails, not from the inside.

3. Request a quote

Request a quote for a shelter that will comfortably house your item(s). Request full or part walls, gable ends, and Condensation Control as options. This will allow you to see what you can afford. Remember, keep it simple at this point.

4. Decide on the payment method

Once you decide on what you want, decide whether you want to pay cash, credit card, or finance it. A 50% deposit is required unless you are financing. The remaining 50% will be due when your order arrives.

5. Ask about financing options

Financing allows you to choose what you pay per month based on how many months the loan/lease is for. The more months, the less the amount per month. Choose whichever way makes you comfortable for a monthly payment. We offer financing on the ‘installation’ as well as with the shelter.

6. Lead Time

Plan. Allow enough time to have the shelter produced and installed before the bad weather hits. Give yourself three months to have it in place before you need it. Our average delivery time is 6-7 weeks.


If you are looking for an all metal portable shelter that can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, reach out to us at Pacific Rim Shelters. We offer an affordable, practical solution that will protect your investment against the sun, wind, rain, and snow. Our reputation for knowledge, quality, and customer service is what sets us apart. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is happy with their all-metal structure, which has been designed for their location, personal needs, and budget. We offer our products and services to people across Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River, Nanaimo, Victoria, Langford, Tofino, Port Alberni, Port Hardy, Port McNeill, and other areas. If you are on the mainland or interior BC, we can have your shelter designed for the snow fall in your area.  

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