How Engineering Specs Protect Your Portable Metal RV Shelter

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Portable metal shelters can protect cars, boats, and recreational vehicles from high winds, torrential rain, and heavy snow loads. Therefore, it will keep your pride and joy accessible all-year round, reduce maintenance costs, and prevent condensation, making it worth the investment.

Snow Load and Wind Velocity Rating 
Are you thinking of investing in a portable metal shelter? In that case, it's essential to know the load a metal shelter can support in relation to your region's yearly snowfall and wind velocity. Remember, if an Engineer has not designed the shelter, it won't have the ratings and could collapse.

However, if the shelter gets designed by an Engineer with the correct area ratings, you're assured that it can handle the local elements. These portable units are typically more robust, with heavier gauge metal for the roof and the framework. 

Building Permit
Even though the shelters are rated as 'portable,' some areas may require that you obtain a building permit which will need the Engineer Specifications. Keep in mind that if you require a building permit, Engineer Specifications can be acquired for a fee.

On a final note, since shelters, designed with Engineer specifications, are built for longevity, they will provide peace of mind. You will be able to leave for the winter knowing that your possessions are safe as the metal structure will withstand fierce storms and bad weather in your area. 

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